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My Most Excellent Year by Steven Kluger

Title: My Most Excellent Year: A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins, and Fenway Park
Author: Steven Kluger
Genre: YA, GLBT, fiction
Pages: 416
Copyright Date: 2008
Cover: A baseball bat serves as the stem of a blue umbrella. There are pink sparkles all around it.
First line: "[Note to Ms. LaFontaine: I didn't mean to give you a hard time about the title of this assignment, but "My Totally Excellent Year" would have been like so 1995, we'd have been laughed out of Brookline if anybody found out.]"
Best part: So, so sweet.
Worst part: Though I live close to where this is set, it didn't really feel like Brookline to me.
Grade: B+
Recommended for: Anyone who is in high school, or wants to be reminded of what high school could have been like. Gay teens who feel like no one gets what their lives are like.
Related Reads: Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger, Hero by Perry Moore.

Augie and TC have been friends since childhood. At the age of eight they declared themselves brothers. Now in the ninth grade, another joins their circle - Ale, the ambassador's daughter. This book, in the form of journals, emails, and letters, is a happy mayhem of putting on shows, getting together and breaking up, baseball history, missing relatives, finding new relatives, grassroots activism, coming out in more ways than one, finding love, and finding yourself.

Highly recommended.
Tags: category: young adult

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