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spirit/shadow gate by kate elliott

i just finished reading shadow gate by kate elliott.  it is book two in the crossroads series.  it an interesting premise of ghost and demons, reeves riding huge eagles dispencing justice and corruption and political intrigue and war - it' fantasy that is set in something other than english/north american climate zone, which is refreshing in it's self.  book three is coming out in august and im not sure how many are going to be in the series.  i got the impression much of book two was to fill in the blanks left in book one and to make way for book three (empire strikes back syndrome).   however, im still intrigued.  i suggest reading the first two in rather quick succession.  i read them over a period of a year+ and forgot a lot of the characters and plot lines in the first.

3 out of 5 stars - for plodding around at points and being obtuse and i wish the map on the end paper was more detailed.  i would keep referring to it at certain points in the book and setting were named but not on the map.  rather annoying. it's a library read if you arent a fan and just like to read lots of fantasy.
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