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Am I Good Enough?: Preparing for Life's Final Exam by Andy Stanley

Am I Good Enough?: Preparing for Life's Final Exam (LifeChange Books) Am I Good Enough?: Preparing for Life's Final Exam by Andy Stanley

GoodReads Summary: I Ask Myself Every Day...“Am I Good Enough?” Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven. But how could a good God, who created the entire universe in all its diversity, be so limiting? Is Christianity unfair? Isn’t it more fitting to believe that good people from any religious or nonreligious background go to heaven, rather than people from one particular belief system? Maybe not, says Andy Stanley. In this updated edition of the bestselling book, teen readers will find out why Jesus taught that goodness is not even a requirement to enter heaven—and why Christianity is beyond fair. Andy Stanley leads the next generation of young people to a grateful awareness of God’s enormous grace and mercy.

If only good people go to heaven,

would I make the cut?

If Christianity is true,

why is God so narrow-minded?

And why aren’t the answers obvious?!

They are. Find out why being “good enough” has nothing to do with heaven’s requirements, and why God is, in fact, not fair at all.

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Parable had a sale recently where this book was marked down to less than 1/2 price. The title intrigued me, as I've been having a lot of questions, lately, about my faith. The title plus an appealing price tag, and I decided to pick up the book.

Largely, it told me things I already knew, but it shared some of them in a new way. So, there were a few "Aha!" moments for me.

One thing I've been struggling with, is the idea that Christianity is very "legalistic." This book explained that the various laws written in scripture were not meant to show us how we can perfect. God knew we could never live up to such a standard. Instead, they were written to highlight/illustrate how bad we can really be, and how much we desperately need a Saviour & his forgiveness.

Although written for teens, I enjoyed this book as it was written in a very logical & rational fashion. I'm still working out some things, but I found this book to be very helpful.

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