Martina (literate_junkie) wrote in bookish,

Hey there,
my German teacher asked us to make a list with books we'd like to read.
We're all about 16/17 years old, there's no special category/topic/... required.

I thought about:
The Reader (Schlink)
Wuthering Heights (Bronte)
Dorian Grey (Wilde)
or something by Kafka.

We finished reading The Catcher in the Rye (not in German though) and Galileo Galilei by Brecht, and I really liked them, as well as the aforementioned books are the kind of books I like to read.
But the problem here is: My class doesn't. They hated the Catcher in the Rye, they hate books containing more than 100 pages and I'd go as far as saying they hate reading at all. Or strongly dislike reading.
So does anyone happen to know some captivating, interesting books that you can work with at school but where you don't have to overanalyse every word? (Think that's the reason why reading books isn't something they enjoy at school.)

Thanks in advance. :)
Tags: requesting a read

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