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The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust

Title: The Phoenix Guards
Author: Steven Brust
Genre: Fantasy, sword and sorcery, comedy of manners
Pages: 485
Copyright Date: 1991
Cover: A musketeer-looking person holding a foil, in front of a Phoenix rampant. (His torso blocks the naughty bits of the monster, to which I say "yay.") This cover is re-used for the sequel, Five Hundred Years After.
First line: "It has now been a mere two score of years since we had the honor to have our work, Toward Beginning a Survey of Some Events Contributing To the Fall of the Empire, rejected by Lord Tri'ari and Master Vrei of the Institute."
Best part: Very funny.
Worst part: Some of the description can be slow in places.
Grade: A solid B.
Recommended for: Fans of manners fantasy.
Related Reads: Jhereg by the same author, Conflict of Honors by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells.

Four travelers walk into a tavern. Shortly they discover their common cause - each wishes to become a member of the prestigious military company the Phoenix Guards. This is a fantasy novel - what could happen but that they swear friendship forever before covering themselves in glory?

This is a fun read for those who like the manners stuff. It is a cut above the rest in that it's pleasingly even-handed when it comes to gender - the most ferocious warrior of the group is a woman. B.
Tags: genre: fantasy, genre: fiction

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