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Stein, Jeanne C.: The Watcher

The Watcher (2007)
Written by: Jeanne C. Stein
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 291

The premise: book three has Anna still struggling to balance her vampire life with her human life, all the while trying to keep the two very separate from each other. But her two lives collide in this book when her lover disappears and seems to be connected to some very supernatural events that are going on, which includes a which trying to raise a demon to wreck havoc on the supernatural kind. Anna will do anything she can to help, but her vampire mentor doesn't trust her not to screw up, and she's got to prove she's fit for the job, even though the lives of the people she cares about are on the line.

My Rating

Wish I'd Borrowed It: for the third book in the series, it lacks focus and any kind of development, especially in characterization. The world-building keeps adding more stuff to the pot, but none of it's anything that interests me, and it doesn't seem rooted to the fictional world so much as just tossed in. None of the subplots really gelled together in a satisfying way, and I really, really dislike the heroine at this point. If I didn't already have the fourth book in the series, I'd stop here. But I do, so this series gets one more shot, though I'm 99% certain it's not going to do a thing to change my mind. There's nothing new or unique about this urban fantasy series, and the only credit I will give to the author is her excellent use of first-person, present tense POV and her ability to keep you turning those pages. That's it. It's a fast read, but when you sit down and really reflect on what you've read, you realize there's not much to chew on. Oh well.

The full review, which includes lots of ranty spoilers and cover art commentary, may be found in my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are always welcome.


Happy Reading! :)

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