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Paolo Coelho

If there is a writer good enough to leave mind-boggling statements to both kids and adults, he would be named Paolo Coelho.

Known for it's timeless lessons and morals, Paolo Coelho books are rated best among book raters when it comes to Values books. Carved from his own experiences, Coelho wrote these books to insprie, teach, and show how important it is to be virtues and understanding. He wrote his books with excellency you would find it hard enough to get away from them.

Among the books I have read, my favorite Coelho is "The Alchemist", a book about some boy searching for his personal legend. In his journey, he met severe challenges, which Coelho used to show how hard it is just to strive for one day.The challenges were bad enough to make him admit defeat, but Coelho then used his knowledge about the ways of the world to turn this crestfallen boy around.


P.S.- I love  the book because I felt so much connected to the adventurous boy. I would certainly be glad to look for my own Fatima. Hehe
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