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J.K. Rowling

For starters, I mean those who are just about to experience the thrill and excitement reading can bring, I recommend the Harry Potter series. These books are fictitious, but reading them takes you into a new world of fantastic impossibilities and stupendous happenings. They were all written by J.K. Rowling. A pity, I don't know what's the meaning of J.K. haha. Still, if you can engage yourself reading the books, try watching the movie-versions. The seventh and final book was released last two years, but whoever produces the movies managed only to film the sixth book this November, if my sources serve me right.

To advertise the book, here's a pretty bad excerpt of the story.

Harry Potter series engulfs the life of Harry Potter, who in infancy, brought down, with no means fully understandable, Voldemort, the most horrifying but one of the best wizards of the time. But before Harry survived the wraths of Voldemort, this villain single-handedly or single-wandedly(haha) defeated Harry's parents.

A day later, an Albus Dumbledore appeared at some street in suburban England. he was waiting for someone. But not of much unexpectation, his colleague, Ms. McGonagall, appeared, in her cat form. She asked too many questions, he answered too less.

After minutes, a flying motorbike arrived, with a twice-your-average man carrying a shaggy bound of cloth which bears who appears to be Harry, the boy who lived.

After living ten years as an innocent Muggle, non-magic people, he was about to have seven full, joyous and  life-threatening years in a wizard school in United Kingdom, Hogwarts. In the course of his life at Hogwarts, he encountered so many things, from talking toasters, two-faced man, three headed humongous dog, baby dragon, a full grown dragon, a sphinx, a large spider, thousands of large spiders, a moving elder willow, hippogriffs, merpeople, goblins, dwarves, elves, beards that have gone too long,dementors, a giant serpent, flying broomsticks, transformation, apparition, all magical, even death.

I can't describe it enough, so if you want a full grasp on the story, try buying at the nearest bookstores.


Post-script: If there were any reasons why I would choose to be a wizard, it would be because I might see a Hermione Granger for myself, and if with any more luck, I would have it as beautiful as Emma Watson.^_^
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