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John Grisham

Pre-Script: It's the first time I will write about books, so, I don't know what to say, really,.

Books. I learn a lot from them. From history to life-saving facts, these handy books are real important to save for.

Take "The Broker" written by John Grisham. It is about a power broker who got himself caught in a web so tight he can't even use his thirty years of experience to save his ass. Then, one of his partner got himself killed, so this power broker surrenders himself to the gov't and landed to a twenty-year serving time in Rudley Confinement.
But for security and intelligence purposes, the broker's own government pardoned him to see who will kill him first. In the process of the pardon, the broker was sent to Italy, in a town called Treviso, where he would be transformed to an Italian citizen. As things get cloggy, he will be transfered to Bologna, where he will meet a friend, a lady friend. When he learned that he was a big part of a game sponsored by his own folks, he escaped with a trail hard enough to smell as trained and famous spies amd termination groups followed him throughout the whole European continent. Using his powerful connections(including his son), he got himself out of trouble and back to his lady friend in Bologna.

Using Italy as his base place in his marvelous, page-turning book, he included lessons on Italian culture and history. He also wrote about a hundred Italian words.

You can learn so much from reading. I, for one, has been fascinated and impressed by books.


Post-Script: I would try to write something new about the books I lay my eyes upon.

And here's something I learned from The Broker

"Arriverdeci", means goodbye.
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