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Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

Title: Size 12 is Not Fat
Author: Meg Cabot
Series: Heather Wells
Genre: Mystery, chicklit, fiction.
Pages: 345, plus a reader's guide.
Copyright Date: 2006
Cover: A red dress with no wearer, twisted in the middle.
First line: "'Um, hello. Is anyone out there?' The girl in the dressing room next to mine has a voice like a chipmunk."
Best part: Very funny, especially the characters.
Worst part: Sometimes just a bit slow.
Grade: B-.
Recommended for: Those tired of skinny-chick fiction. Fans of funny mystery.
Related Reads: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella, Agnes and the Hit Man by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer.

"'I'm a size twelve,' I hear myself saying to the sales clerk. Who looks startled. Understandably, I guess. But still. 'What's wrong with being a size twelve?'
'Nothing!' cries the sales clerk, looking panicky. 'Nothing at all. I just meant -'
'Are you saying size twelve is fat?' I ask him.
'No,' the sales clerk insists, 'You misunderstood me. I meant --'
'Because size twelve is the size of the average American woman,' I point out to him. I know this because I just read it in People magazine. 'Are you saying that instead of being average, we're all fat?'" (p 4)

Heather Wells is remarkably philosophical about the turn her life has taken. She lost her recording contract, she caught her popstar boyfriend in bed with another popstar, her mom ran away with her manager and her life savings, and she gained a few pounds and a few dress sizes, too. But that's okay, life goes on - now she lives rent free with her ex's hunky brother and is writing her own songs while she works as an assistant director at a local residence hall. All is going well until one of the dorm girls dies. Everyone thinks it is a tragic elevator surfing accident, but Heather knows better. Can she get to the bottom of the mystery?

This is a light and charming diversion by the author of The Princess Diaries. Sometimes Heather made me roll my eyes, but mostly it was good fun.
Tags: genre: fiction, genre: mystery, xxx author last name: a-h

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