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The First 20 Books In 2009

Here is the first 20 books I've read in 2009. Some of the books are from the library.

1: The Lord of the Dance-Micheal Flatley with Douglas Thompson
2: Book One of The Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy-David Eddings
3: Book Two of The Belgariad: Queen of Sorcery-David Eddings
4: Book Three of The Belgariad: Magican's Gambit-David Eddings
5: Book Four of The Belgariad: Castle of Wizardry-David Eddings
6: Book Five of The Belgariad: Enchanters' End Game-David Eddings
7: Coventant With The Vampire-Jeanne Kalogridis
8: Lady of The Roses-Sandra Warth
9: Vittorio: The Vampire-Anne Rice
10: The Vampire Chronicles: Memnoch The Devil-Anne Rice

11: The Church of Dead Girls-Stephen Dobyns
12: Star Trek:The Next Generation Reunion- Micheal Jan Friedman (barrowed from the library)
13: The Cat Who Could Read Backwards-Lilian Jackson (barrowed from the libary)
14: Sweet Revenge-Diane Mott Davidson (barrowed from the library)
15: Virtual Light- William Gibson (barrowd from the library)

16: Christ; The Lord: The Road to Cana-Anne Rice (barrowed from the library)
17:Jinxed- Carol Higgins Clark (barrowed from the library)
18: Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Eyes of the Beholders- A.C. Crispin (barrowed from the library)
19:  Srar Trek: The Pandora Principle-Carolyn Clowes (barrowed from the library)
20: Death of a Bore-M.C. Beaton (barrowed from the library)
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