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Love Your Indie: The Contest

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Love Your Indie: The Contest

Updated March 13th, 2009/Updated March 19th, 2009

Okay, been thinking about this whole March-is-love-your-Indie-Bookstore month, and I realized trying to guilt people into going shopping with their local guy sucks. We don’t need guilt here; we need a contest.

So here’s introducing March-is-love-your-Indie-Bookstore: The Contest.

How to Play: Go to a local independent bookstore. Buy something. Save the receipt. Send a photo or scan of the receipt to this address: Make sure either your e-mail or your receipt includes the name and phone number of the bookstore in question.

Prize: At the end of March I’ll have a random drawing, and send the winner a signed slipcased copy of GUNPOWDER.

BUT WAIT! There’s more. As this thing goes along, I’ll be adding other signed editions of other books for other randomly drawn winners. Stay tuned. (March 19 update: as promised, lots and lots of other prizes have been added since the contest began; there will now be at least 24 winners, with a rare or limited edition of something going to each randomly drawn entry; see here, here, and here)

And remember, even if you lose you win, because you will have supported a small bookstore, and come away with something worth reading.

Ground rules:

1. I’m backdating the contest to March 1st. So if you made a purchase earlier in the month, and you’ve still got the receipt, you’re good to go.

2. Your purchase must exceed 99 cents. You do not have a chance at a prize if all you did was go in your local bookstore to buy some mints and use their free internet to browse my twitterfeed.

3. Only one entry per household, please.

4. I’ll play nice, but if necessary, I reserve the right to modify rules for fairness.

5. Contest ends 12PM EST on March 31st, 2009.

6. What happens if you cheat? Well, if you email me a fake receipt, I probably won’t find out. But your soul will shrivel a little inside you, and you will find your luck turning unexpectedly sour. You will lose your house keys and pinch something sensitive in a zipper. You will step in dog doo on your way to an important event and everyone will think you beshat yourself and try to sit far far away from you. You will have a row with someone you love, learn you owe the IRS money, and grow a third nipple. The cosmos, in other words, will roughly wipe its ass with your karma. Of course if I do find out your entry was bogus, you’re instantly disqualified, and you will still find yourself getting soft parts stuck in zippers.

March 13th Update: Entries should include a shipping address, so I know where to mail your prize if you win, and to prevent multiple entries. (If you entered before March 13th, and didn’t provide a shipping address, don’t worry… your entry is still valid. But entries from the 13th onward that fail to provide a shipping address may be thrown out) Remember, per rule 3, only one entry per household. That means you only get to enter once, no matter how many receipts you email me. Finally, many prizes have been added to the contest, see the Subterranean Shockwaves entry for more info.

That’s all (for now). Now go to your indie bookstore and buy yerself a book

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