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An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Summary: Colin just got dumped by his 19th girlfriend named Katherine. To cure himself of the misery he's feeling from the break up, his friend, Hassan and he go on a road trip to Gutshot, TN. There they find jobs, live with a girl named Lindsey and her mother Hollis and Colin starts working on the Theorem to predict the outcome of all future relationships and possibly protect him from his next Katherine.

Review: I was actually a little disappointed with the book.  I LOVED Looking for Alaska.  It was heart wrenching and I've never seen grief portrayed as well as Green did in the book.  An Abundance of Katherines was a 180 from his other book.  I didn't get as emotionally involved as I had with Looking for Alaska and that saddened me.  I was expecting a lot more from Green.  I also found Katherines very predictable.  I knew,the SECOND that Lindsey showed up that Colin and her were going to end up together.  I hate knowing what's going to happen in the book so early on because I feel it ruins the rest of the book for me.  There were no real surprises like there were in Alaska.

However, I still really liked the book. John Green, though I felt this one was not as good as the last, is still a phenomenal writer.  I still couldn't put it down (which is obvious by the fact that I finished it in a DAY) and he still managed to capture my attention.  His characters are these deep, complex characters despite the shallowness that they originally portray.  Green wrote a book that can be a light, easy, fun read or it can be something that's really deep and you could never discuss all the different angles that he presents to you and that's *really* hard to do in my opinion.  I think that, had I not known that Lindsey and Colin were going to get together in the end, that there would have been more surprises.  I wouldn't have seen Katrina ( I *think* that's the correct spelling of her name.  I don't have the book with me.  Sorry if it's wrong.) and TOC getting together.  However, I figured TOC was going to do something to cause Lindsey to break up with him. Hollis's character, however, did surprise me.  I knew that she was up to something I just didn't think it would be something so noble.

I wish there had been a little less predictability to the book but I still really liked it and would recommend it to anyone.  I like that his books are polar opposites because usually you don't get that with an author and it makes me really curious as to what his third book is like.  I still think Looking for Alaska is my favorite by him but this one is good.  I'm glad that I bought it (though I wish MY copy had ben $3.99 like the one in the picture that I picked...)
 Rating: 4/5
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