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Do your daily reading habits display a dysfunctional demeanor? The Guardian UK has a quiz.

Hoping to uncover the secrets to creating a kids' lit hit, analyzes 70 years worth of children's classics.

A recent survey found that two out of three Brits have lied about the books they've read. George Orwell's 1984 tops the list of literary lies, with War and Peace a close second.

Fresh off her success with the Twilight adaptation, filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke has picked another teen-angst tome for her next film. But will the goth girls go gaga for If I Stay?

For fifty years, a small Parisian bookshop has offered food and lodging to penniless authors - the only rule is that they read a book a day. The shop is called Shakespeare and Company, and The Guardian UK has penned 'em a profile.

So you've read Watchmen, watched Watchmen, and eaten Pez from Watchmen. Perhaps it's time to try something new. Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader? recommends two other superhero-deconstruction comics: Rick Veitch's The Maximortal and Milligan & Fegredo's Enigma. Both are brilliant, but Enigma's my personal favorite.
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