laurzi (laurzi) wrote in bookish,

A question...

Ok this is quite a long-winded spiel...please bear with me!
Basically, I take creative writing at uni and we had to pitch an idea for a young adult book, and I had an idea that revolved around the idea of in the near future, how people become so obsessed with beauty and putting off the ageing process and so they end up using children in a sort of animal-testing way in order to achieve better anti-ageing products etc etc but I was informed that there was a similar book already out there, and I was told the name but forgot it!
BASICALLY, I'm just wondering if anyone knows the name of the book, or any book that may be similar (i.e revolving around beauty obsession etc), because I'm still keen to pursue this kind of idea, but obviously with a twist that hasn't been done.
Thanks in advance!

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