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The Frustrated

I've spent hours this weekend reading Ishiguro's The Unconsoled and am curious if anyone out there who has read it thinks I should continue. I'm all for irregular narrative structures and blurred lines between reality and dreams (starting to think the whole book is a dream? or that Mr. Ryder has some brain malfuction?) but this book is just making me frustrated. It's like those nightmares you have when you have one seemingly simple task (like bringing four cokes to a table or making a copy) and you just can't get there and everything takes forever and hours go by and you still can't do what you need to do.  I'm two hundred pages into my worst dream! 

I've rarely not finished a book I've started and I picked this one because I adore Remains of the Day. 

Help me...does it get better (whatever that means) or is anything ever explained, at least a little?

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