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Anthropoovaropartus by Hanns Heinz Ewers

This is a satire about a machine that can hatch the eggs of a human female. It was written over one hundred years ago and never translated into English before. Here is the link for those interested:

Here is a short excerpt:

Let us consider our predecessor the hen that lays eggs with shells. It holds the missing piece in which the egg is grown in its womb and then with the nourishment of lime grows a shell around it and finally passes the entire egg through its body.

In women sadly, this egg is nourished through the connection to the womb along with its contractions and discomfort. This connection must be severed and an alternate way of nourishing the egg manufactured and put into place.

This could be something along the lines of the successful Uteroenterostomie performed at Harvard University by Professor Babywater but in a different, new direction with continued success. You could reconnect the umbilical cord to a new source of nourishment and give the fetus what it needs for the best health and growing bones.

Perhaps if we made an entire generation of youth through this operation they would later acquire the hereditary ability to lay eggs and being male or female would not be as important anymore.

If that is not the case and I personally doubt very much if it would be, then we could soon be enlightened enough to make the small infringement of an operation and clip the small boys making them into females as well.

Our pregnant women would then need to take lots of lime and phosphorus in order to produce the important egg shell and through therapy or mechanical means bring about the momentary contractions that must be applied to bring about the quick laying of the egg.

Perhaps later this would not be needed anymore and our great granddaughters could lay eggs as nice and pretty as the best hen.


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