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Card Sharks by Liz Maverick

Card Sharks Card Sharks by Liz Maverick

GoodReads Summary: "Where are all the good men? Marianne and her best friend, Bijoux, are dying to know. Turns out they've been holed up around card tables, playing Texas Hold 'em. So Marianne and Bijoux decide it's time to up the ante and get in on the action. But they never imagined that Marianne would have a seriously talented poker player lurking inside her. And everyone knows what they say about lucky in cards..."

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Rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really wanted to like this book. I really did. As a female and a serious poker player, I thought the premise sounded intriguing.

I was sorely disappointed in the writing. For example:

On page 76... "Bijoux shrugged and began picking her steps carefully up the stone walkway toward the front door." Then, not a paragraph later... "Bijoux picked her steps carefully up the stone walkway to the door." Same walkway, same front door.

Later in the book, the author describes a scene at a table in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event. She explains that a man in a green tracksuit is sitting so many seats to the character's right. Only, a few sentences later, he's suddenly sitting to the character's left.

In another spot, Marianne is sitting in the small blind holding two cards. Supposedly the next hand, she's holding two different cards, but she's still in the small blind. So not right.

Half the time the names of professional poker players were spelled incorrectly.

That's not to mention just the general typos. Hello?! Where was the editor?

With respect to the author's research? Well, some things were so bang on it was down right weird, because so much of it was so completely off. She had obviously never been to the WSOP, let alone the main event, and she'd obviously never been to the Rio hotel & casino. (I've been to both & played in the main event.)

The ending... was too easily wrapped up, IMO.

Needless to say, the book was a let down. I only wish it were that easy to progress and so successfully achieve what Marianne did.

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