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An Abundance of Katherines - John Green

Title: An Abundance of Katherines
Author: John Green
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 228
First Line: "The morning after noted child prodigy Colin Singleton graduated from high school and got dumped for the nineteenth time by a girl named Katherine, he took a bath."

Summary: Colin Singleton is a washed-up child prodigy who had all the potential in the world when he was six, but now he spends most of his time anagramming and trying to make himself matter in the world. Colin Singleton also likes girls named Katherine. In fact, he likes Katherines so much that he dates them exclusively, and has been dumped by every single one of them--nineteen Katherines in all. After the nineteenth dump by Katherine, his best friend, Hassan, an overweight Muslim who prefers to spend time watching Judge Judy instead of going to college, decides it's time for Colin to go on a soul-searching road trip, which lands both of them in the wild territory of Gutshot, Tennessee. It is there that Colin sets out to discover a theorem to predict all of his future relationships and finally achieve his potential.

Review: Like all of John Green's books, this one resonates from beginning to end. Colin is such a lovely, complex character, full of all the strange nuances and quirks that make Green's characters so believable. The book is completely hilarious all the way through, mainly because of Green's spot-on narrative style, but also because of the outlandish predicaments the characters find themselves in. Katherines also has several points to make, and the theme of the novel is tied together beautifully at the end. Definitely worth checking out, if you don't mind quite a bit of profane language. ("Stop cursing. The feral hog shows a remarkable understanding of human speech, especially profane speech." - Colin Singleton)

Rating: 5/5
Tags: category: young adult, review, xxx author last name: a-h

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