you there! yes you! wanna play a game? (roterhimmel) wrote in bookish,
you there! yes you! wanna play a game?

Heya there, everyone :D

I do have an urgent question, well, urgent for me since I really want to finally read Antoine de Saint-Exupery's 'The Little Prince'. I wanted to order it at my bookstore (a german one) but the thing is - there are different editions of it. So far, so fine. But the thing in THAT is that these different versions have each

a) one time 6 pages,
b) one time 92 pages
c) one time 120 pages.

Well obviously I want to read the book and everything there is to it but usually - well, usually, you know, a book, no matter how many different editions there are, has a certain number of pages and the page-numbers don't vary somwhere from 6-120. What the heck? Can anyone that has the book tell me how many pages theirs has? I really don't want to buy the wrong one D:

Thanks in advance, a ton!!

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