Kally (emptyheaven) wrote in bookish,

Searching desperately for a book...

This is going out to the big fantasy booklovers out there.
I read a book a good few years ago and fell madly in love with it. Thing is, I haven't been able to find it since.
The annoying thing is that I don't know the title nor the author. I can tell you exactly what the book looks like down to the size and dimensions of it but the important stuff? Not so much.
It was an Adult Fiction fantasy novel about a family of women (daughter, mother, grandmother) who held a connection to the fantasy world filled with mythical creatures like mermaids and selkies. From memory that men of the family were all selkies.
It‘s kind of half in the real world, half in a fantasy world. It was set on an island just off the coast of America (from what you can gather) and only the three women knew of the fantasy world that was all around them.
The fishermen would tell stories of mermaids and beautiful women that would come from the sea (selkies) and about how they would have to put things in their ears so that they did not hear their songs but no one would believe them.

I remember a mass part of the book was about the daughter having dreams of something burning or someone being on fire and it turns out that she had witnessed her father being killed; funnily enough burnt alive.

Most of what I remember is that the fantasy part of the world is dying and the family has to try and save it.

I go to the library every other week, spoken to people all around the globe and begged just about anyone who has ever mentioned reading a book if they know what I’m on about.
So if anyone can help I would be forever in your debt. Seriously.

x-posted like mad because I’m going out of my mind.

Tags: genre: fantasy, genre: fiction

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