mametsuki (mametsuki) wrote in bookish,

A question about The Jungle Book,(spoiler alert).

I have just bought a copy of the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The part with Mowgli in the Jungle ends half way through the book, concluding with his defeat of Shere Kahn the tiger. It is explained that Mowgli grows up and gets married, but that story is "for grown-ups". The second part of the book is about a Seal.
My copy is hardback from the Children's Golden Library, and has a photo of a teenage Mowgli on the front.
Once I've read the part with the Seal, have I then read all the Jungle Book or is there more about Mowgli elsewhere or in different issues of the book?

I really loved the story so far, I found the characters to be richly drawn for a shorter story and I've always loved Kipling's poetic language. 
One final question, is "Kim" also worth a read?

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