Dave Mayo (count_fenring) wrote in bookish,
Dave Mayo

Iain Banks - The Player of Games

  • Title: The Player of Games

  • Author: Iain Banks

  • Genre: Science Fiction

  • Review Summary: A very well-written and well conceived book, dealing with several interesting concepts, including human/robot cultural exchange and post-scarcity, semi-transhuman society. In short, a good book about the far future.

  • Similar Authors: Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross, Vernor Vinge, John Varley

  • My rating: Nine out of ten whatevers. Very, very good.

This book will appeal to anyone who likes the current wave of science fiction that deals with the idea of trans-human and post-human society, nanotechnology, and the melding and interaction of machines and humans. If "singularity" means something other than black hole, and "gray goo" is a phrase in and of itself, just buy this freaking book already.

For everyone else; this is a well written book, both in terms of clarity and terms of interest. The plot is engaging, and the characters are deeper and more thoroughly explored than is usual for the sub-genre, or even for mainline science fiction. In particular, the "drones," or robots of roughly human intelligence, are incredibly well written. Their personalities were distinct, realistic, and their social interactions with the human cast of characters were perfectly done.

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