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Book 01: El Templo, Matthew Reilly

First book of the year! :)


Title: El Templo
Original Title: Temple
Author: Matthew Reilly
Pages: 480 pages
Language: Spanish
Book genre: Action/Thriller
ISBN: 978-84-9800-366-6

Summary: (from William Race, a mild-mannered professor, is impressed into the U.S. army on a bizarre mission: to retrieve a centuries-old Incan idol revered by a Peruvian Indian tribe. The idol, carved out of a meteorite, is the missing ingredient in a so-called "planet-killer," a weapon long sought not only by the U.S. government, but also by a neo-Nazi group whose scientists, linguists, and anthropologists seem to be one step ahead of the Americans. Only Race can translate the legendary manuscript that holds the key to the idol's location high in the Andes in a temple guarded by huge, man-eating panthers, on a moat seething with equally carnivorous crocodiles.

Thoughts: An action book 100%. In the first pages you meet William Race, a normal, unknown university professor who is apparently no hero and who is vital for a mission from the US government. I like action and adventure books from time to time, even though I'm more into literary fiction. However, the summary caught my attention. I love the ancient American civilizations and the premise for this book sounded interesting. And it didn't disappoint. I found it to be totally unrealistic most of the time, the main character escaping death again and again, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. One knows what they're getting into when they start reading these kind of books: constant action, people fighting for their lives, escaping death in unrealistic manners, and the main character not dying in the end. It's no surprise. What's interesting about these books is wondering how they're going to escape next time. A quick, light read full of action and fighting (even though sometimes too much).

Rating: [3/5]
GoodReads: Here.
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