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Review: Kissing Christmas Goodbye by M C Beaton

# Of book read so far this year: 1
Title: Kissing Christmas Goodbye
Author: M. C. Beaton

Narrator: N/A
Year Published: 2007
Rating (1-10): 9
Date Finished: 01/3/09
Genre: Fiction, cozy mystery
# Of pages: 247
Where did the book come from: PBS
Series: Agatha Raisin, #18

Blurb from Amazon: The indestructible Agatha Raisin, still at the top of her game in her darkly droll 18th whodunit (after Love, Lies and Liquor), is feeling woefully middle-aged after hiring Toni Gilmour, an endearing U.K.-style Nancy Drew full of teen energy and charm. As Toni takes over the pet recovery end of the sleuthing business, Agatha looks into a mysterious letter from Phyllis Tamworthy, the rich matriarch of the Manor House in the idyllic Cotswolds, who suspects family members of plotting to kill her before she can change her will to disinherit them. Agatha and her friend Sir Charles Fraith attend Phyllis's 80th birthday party, only to see the lady keel over, poisoned by hemlock in her salad. Digging into Phyllis's past yields an even darker mystery. Bestseller Beaton's dry wit enhances Agatha's struggles with aging, men and her most challenging case yet

My Comments: This book didn’t catch my interest at first like Agatha’s usually do, but after a bit I was well invested. It is a darker book than usual, but there is no bloodiness or anything, just the mood is darker. I must admit it kept me guessing all through the book. I also like how it didn’t end directly after solving the murder, but there was a good chapter afterwards. Looks like the bloom is off of the James rose, which is (in my opinion) a relief. I also found the new detective, Toni, to be delightful. She adds spark to a rather long series. Good read!

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