Sascha (friggasgirl) wrote in bookish,

Year in Review: 2008

I read about 10 or so more books than last year with very few re-reads. 38 books and 7 short stories. There were also about 6 full textbooks. The best books all year were definitely Restoration by Rose Tremain, Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouye, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, Fay by Larry Brown, No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind.

The worst? The Religion by Nicholas Conde. Everything else was pretty good. Not A+ all the way, but I was better for having read them.

I failed the Alphabet Challenge but only by a few letters. I lost motivation into the new school semester and just couldn't get through the books on my "letter list." It was, however, fun to do so I plan on trying it again in 2009.

So...without further adoCollapse )

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