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Sundays With Vlad by Paul Bibeau

This book is a sociological study on human obsession with vampires. It covers a whole gamut of subjects including the non-existent connection between Vlad Tepes and Stoker's Dracula (no sports fans, there is no connection other than the name), the Goth culture, crimes committed in the name of vampirism, gaming, pop culture and people who actually believe their are vampires (sanguine and/or psychic).

The book is written fairly well (however, see my comments below on editing) and is humorous. The style is laid back and similar to A. J. Jacob's books. It's gonzo journalism. The author is part of the hunt. The content is good although as a vampire affectionate there is a bit of bias against things that we hold dear. Other than that he does a fairly decent job outlining the vampire world.

The thing I didn't like about the book is Bibeau wanders. He loses focus several times in the book. Background information is good but several times he spends two pages talking about a diplomat and his involvement in political corruption. How is that about vampires? Well, this person was a vampire scholar and associated with a bigger vampire scholar. I could have done without these types of tangents. Due to these interruptions, the book feels a bit disjointed at times. I think he needed a better editor.

Good book if you like the vampire culture. Not a classic. Nor anything I would recommend to vampire scholars but at least an amusing read.

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