Admiral Naismith (admnaismith) wrote in bookish,
Admiral Naismith

The Scavenger Hunt Gift

I got bored. My library already has all the books I know I want to own, and the public library gets me what I want to just read. For the past few years, therefore, the book entry on my Christmas gift request list has been a scavenger hunt: I pick a trite critical phrase and said to friends and family, pick me up something that has that phrase on the back cover, if you feel like it.

2006: "A Delightful Romp". Result: Put A Lid On It by Donald E. Westlake. A good choice.

2007: "Could Not Put It Down until The Final Thrilling Page". Result: The Redhead scribbled "Marry, I could nae put it down" on a copy of Erewhon, and I had to amend the rules to point out that it doesn't count to do that.

This year: "The cleverest whodunnit to come along in ages!" Result: hit the jackpot!

Trial by Fire, by DW Buffa
The Appeal, by John Grisham
Vendetta by Michael Dibdin (This one had already been recommended to me, and I know the library does not have it, so bonus points to my father in law!)
A Question of Proof, by Nicholas Blake
Resurrection, by Steve Allen
The Mammoth Book of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits, edited by Mike Ashley.

I'm pleased.

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