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Looking for a bit of whimsy....

I was wondering (as I got so many cracking reading ideas the last time I enquired) if anyone could suggest yet more books for me.

To be honest with you im not sure if the books I have in mind actually exist but im desperate for a bit of whimsy.

I like fantasy books but not really the dragon and and goblin kind but Im fine with ghosts, vampires, curses, magic, princesses, princes, mystery and romance and im not bothered if its a book from the adult or the teen section. Im also not fussed if the story takes place in the present or the past.
I just want something a bit different and I adore movies such as Big Fish, Stardust, Harry Potter, Edward Scissorhands and the t.v show Pushing Daisies so I guess im looking for something that captures the charm and quirkiness of those. 

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions that you could throw my way.

Thank you. ♥

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