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Gift Tips for the Bookish

(Note: The Inkwell Bookstore is not affiliated with any of these products, nor do we profit from their purchase. If the moderators feel that this is spam, our apologies. Please delete.)

Book Lights

The Hydra Two Headed Book Light: $14.96
The LightWedge: $24.95-$34.95

Both the LightWedge and the Hydra come highly recommended from multiple members of our staff. Then again, 'multiple members of our staff' also pushed me to read Stephanie Meyers, so caveat emptor.

Book Light In A Book Cover
: $31.45

The Book Light In A Book Cover is just that: a pleather slip cover with a book light built into its spine. I can't vouch for it personally, but I sort of dig the robo-Bible aesthetic of the second picture. Mecha-Messiah would approve.

The Reading Light
: Currently Unavailable
The Enlightenment: $125

I know, I know. What sort of a**hole teases his readership with an adorable little creation like The Reading Light, only to then say, 'Whoops! Currently unavailable'? I'm sorry. I've got no excuses for you. And as for The guess...too literal?

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