enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in bookish,

My Mind is a Litterbox by Me (enigmacyofme)

My Mind is a Litterbox by Me (enigmacyofme)

My mind is a litterbox,
Spits out images I can not block.
A tapestry of unwanted feelings,
A slight touch and I'm sent reeling.

And I tell myself these lies,
Brainwash my own mind.
But I won't believe it this time.
The only victim to this crime is,

The theft of my soul was not by the devil,
Oh God, no.
Regret, and writings in past tense,
Shadows of the foregone are still imense.

And I tell myself I am pretty,
A gorgeous statue in the park,
Displayed for all to see,
Admire me.

Can not even be honest to myself,
My anima placed on a shelf.
And it rusts.
And it rests.
Till' one day it is undressed,
The layers of dust blown mid west.

Awaken me.
But don't hurt me.
Not sure if I want to realize myself...
Let me live this dream a little longer.
Just two more winks of sleep and I'll get help.
Just two.
Just two.

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