It Was The Epoch Of Incredulity (ladymacbeth922) wrote in bookish,
It Was The Epoch Of Incredulity

A Winters Tale

 Winter book recommendations anyone? My plans to travel out of the city just got cancelled and I’m in desperate need for something stimulating to get me through my two weeks at home.

 What are you lot reading these days? I’m looking for a good mixture of reads- the truly wonderful and the guilty pleasures because I have fourteen days and am known for alarming speed when it comes to reading. My father says I *devour* them and it couldn’t possibly be healthy.

 I’m looking for a few period pieces, some classics, some dreadfully funny ones and definitely books on travel. All suggestions welcome. Please keep in mind that there isn’t an enormous book selection where I come from so please recommend books that are easily available everywhere. I’m terribly fond of obscure books but if I can’t get my hands on them and they sound tempting I’ll be left frustrated.


Tags: review

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