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November reads

Books Read in November:
44. A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity by Bill O'Reilly (Grade B+)
45. Fireproof by Eric Wilson, Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick (Grade A)
46. The Christmas Pearl by Dorothea Benton Frank (Grade C)
47. Silver Bells by Luanne Rice (Grade B)
48. A Christmas Carol (reread) by Charles Dickens (Grade A+)
49. Hard Rock to Solid Rock by Darrell Huckaby (Grade A+)
50. Cloud Nine by Luanne Rice (Grade A)
51. Beach Girls by Luanne Rice (Grade C+)

Best surprise/Most recommendable: I will always recommend that everyone read A Christmas Carol, but there were two most surprisng/recommendable reads for this month and they are Fireproof and Cloud Nine. I thought that Fireproof might be a bit on the corny side and honestly it was a great book especially for married couples. I thought that Cloud Nine would be just like Rice's other books but it really wasn't. It was a unique story that I would recommend to anyone.

Most disappointing read of the month: I thought that The Christmas Pearl might not be so lame because it started out differently than it ended and I thought it was a bit too corny of a story and could have been better.

Currently reading: I am just starting to read The Road by Cormac McCarthy and I'm still slowly getting through Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

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