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Lord of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay

Lord of Emperors (Sarantine Mosaic, Book 2) Lord of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay

Summary from Amazon: For whatever reason, Guy Gavriel Kay just insists on getting better and better. Sailing to Sarantium outshone the already excellent Lions of Al-Rassan, and now Lord of Emperors--the stunning second half of the Sarantine Mosaic--somehow surpasses even its predecessors.

Emperors picks up the story of the overwhelmed but still tenacious Crispin, now Imperial Mosaicist to Valerius II and thoroughly steeped in the machinations of Sarantium--not to mention being personally entangled in the lives of the emperor, the empress, and now his own queen, the exiled Gisel. Lord of Emperors also sends a new protagonist sailing into Sarantium, an unassuming country doctor who--like Caius--has found himself thrust into a position of great potential and peril, a victim of both circumstance and his own competence and moxie. The two struggle to stay afloat in Sarantium's swirling intrigues, as Valerius prepares for war in Crispin's homeland and unexplained, ghostly fires flicker around the city.

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars

I rather enjoyed the Sarantine Mosaic (This is book 2/2.). It offered a very rich tapestry in story line and imagery.

For a while there, I was concerned as Kay continued to introduce more and more characters. But he was always sure to remind the reader who was who, when beginning a new scene. For that, I'm grateful.

My only real hiccup was the main character's (Crispin) fickleness about the various women in his life. Maybe not fickleness, but he seemed attracted to three of them but not one over another. The woman he ended up with in the end... didn't seem to fit for me.

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