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Calico Reaction

Summers, Jordan: Red

Writer: Jordan Summers
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 356

The premise: the original seed for this book (soon to be trilogy) came from the author asking herself: "What if Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf turned out to be the same person?" That's a wee bit misleading, and really revealing if you think about it, but basically, there's a serial killer mauling women. Gina can't believe her tactical team is writing it off as an animal attack, so she goes on vacation to investigate for herself. What she finds is more bodies, a very odd small town, and a Sheriff who knows more than he's telling. Then of course, there's the blackouts, where she wakes up from a sound sleep covered in blood, and not all of it her own.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: part horror, part romance, and part SF. Technically, there's no paranormal or fantasy involved, but that's an easy thing to forget since the werewolves are familiar. Not my favorite set of weres, not yet, but the book's an enjoyable, fast read with some really gritty, gory scenes and some solid lust and sex thrown in to balance it out. Gina's a heroine worth cheering for, and it's likely I'll pick up the sequel when it's released. Just remember, if you're interested in this and can't find it in the SF/F section, it may be in romance. If you're not a romance reader, don't let that scare you. ;) But if you are a romance reader, read the first chapter and make sure you can handle it before going forward. Trust me.

The full review, which includes spoilers while I nitpick the story despite enjoying it, may be found in my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome.

REVIEW: Jordan Summers's RED

Happy Reading! :)
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