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Book #47


Book #47
Book Title: Silver Bells
Author: Luanne Rice
Category: fiction; holiday read; romance; chick lit
# of pages: 274
My rating of the book, F- [worst] to A [best].: B
Short description/summary of the book: (taken from amazon.com):A Christmas tree farmer from Nova Scotia and a lonely New York widow come together in this Christmas weepie by bestseller Rice (Beach Girls, etc.). Catherine Tierney, a corporate librarian who lives in a 19th-century townhouse on a quaint street in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, used to love Christmas until her husband, Brian, died of cancer. Each year, she awaits a sign from him that'll let her know he's watching over her. Christy Byrne, a widower from Nova Scotia, is in Manhattan with his 12-year-old daughter, Bridget, to sell his Christmas trees. Every night he leaves his boarding house in Chelsea to go looking for his estranged 16-year-old son, Danny, who ran off the year before. When Danny resurfaces and it's revealed that he's been living on the streets with the help of Catherine and her friend Lizzie, they all realize that their paths have crossed many times, and that they've touched each other's lives more than they could imagine. Thrown together in their shared concern for Danny, Christy and Catherine help each other forget their troubled pasts and move toward the future together. Rice's romanticized vision of Manhattan is sharpened by local detail, and her heartwarming Christmas story will please readers who like a nice dose of pathos with their holiday fare.

My Thoughts: I thought that at first this was a very strange read. However as I kept reading, the story really was a sweet one. It actually was quite a different love story from other Rice novels. I really like Luanne Rice and if you're a fan of romantic holiday stories then I recommend reading this book especially during the holidays.

Books read this year: 47/50. I'm 94% done!

Next read(s): I am about to reread A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
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