secret_vice (secret_vice) wrote in bookish,

Northen lights -sci-fi or fantasy?

Is Northern Lights sci-fi, fantasy, or a combination of both? I like to think that it's sci-fi because it's set in a similar world to the one that we live in except that in some ways the world seems to be more advanced than our own world and in other ways it seems to be far behind our own world. The characters in the series are also capable to travel between different worlds. The reason why I'm asking this is because I often debate about this with my brother, who claims that the series belong in the fantasy genre. His main arguement of course is that if a book has witches in it then it's fantasy/ or in this case a combination of both, and when I argue the fact that there is a lot of travelling between different worlds, he likes to point out that thisbegan with Narnia. So who is right? me or my brother? last post for the time being. I promise.

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