Calico Reaction (calico_reaction) wrote in bookish,
Calico Reaction

Steele, Allen: Spindrift

Writer: Allen Steele
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 347

The premise: taking place during the events of the Coyote Trilogy, the EASS Galileo disappeared during its mission to investigate a strange, unknown object that might be alien in its origin. This is the Galileo's story, as told by the three survivors, which chronicles everything that happened from Galileo's take-off to its shuttle's appearance on the planet Coyote. Their story reveals what happened and what the survivors encountered, including humanity's first contact as well as the most destructive force the galaxy's ever seen.

My Rating

Give it Away: But it's worth the cash only if you're already a fan of the Coyote trilogy and you're caught up on all the books. I really don't feel this book stands on its own if you're NOT familiar with the trilogy, because even with my familiarity, there was little keeping me going save for wanting to fill in the blank of this part of history. Even in that, I feel the book is lacking a bit, just because there are no surprises in the story or the plot, because you pretty much have all the answers at the start. Still, Steele's prose is enjoyable, easy to read even when he gets wrapped up in technical details, so fans of the Coyote trilogy will want to give this a shot. If you're not a fan, or you haven't read any of the Coyote books yet (and mind you, you need to read ALL THREE before this one, starting with Coyote which I strongly recommend to EVERY SF reader), then you can safely pass on this one, methinks.

The full review, which does include spoilers, may be found in my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome.


Happy Reading! :)
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