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Western/Adventure recommendations?

Hey there!
I recently discovered my liking for books set in the Old West, but it's hard to figure out which ones of the thousands best fit my requirements. So I thought I'd ask you guys.
Also, I'm not solely looking for western novels but also similar adventure stories.

So I'm looking for entertaining, adventurous, romantic and funny novels, set in the Old West, maybe also in Europe in an earlier period, like those Musketeers stories and so on.

What the books should have:
- action and adventure, but it doesn't need to be the main aspect of the book
- romance, but not of the sappy kind.
- some humour at least
- a very cool, sexy male protagonist, maybe a bit of a lady-killer and Casanova (something like Indiana Jones, Han Solo or Maverick - that movie with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, Dean Winchester and that sort of guys)
- if possible some well-written but steamy sex-scenes.
- happy endings.
- they can be series.
- they can have some angst and drama too.

If you know such books please let me know which of the abovementioned aspects they have, what you liked about them, and try to give me a short description on the main characters.

I'd be very happy if you could help me out :)

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