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Lord of the Flies on Trial- Spoilers in Cut

For my Grade Eleven English class, we're doing Lord of the Flies for our required reading. It's an awesome book, and I finished it in a day, which was sort of a problem because we had scheduled days where you had to finish reading up to a certain point in the novel, no more and no less. We'd have a quiz then, and I'd have to cram again, because I was going through a huge reading binge just about then.

But I digress-
I have an assignment where Ralph is going on trial, for the murder of Simon.The conversation that he has with Piggy in Chapter Ten (or The Shell and the Glasses) will be used in the trial, with Sam testifying for the prosecution, and Eric for the defense. I am Defense, though I wanted to be Prosecution at first, and this case is going harder than I expected. Ralph is being trialled for manslaughter, and there are no appeals, accidental homicides of plain self-defense, because we're not going that far in class. I have to get him proven Not Guilty or I lose the case and get a bad mark.

So does anyone know what kind of evidence I can use to win the case? I realise I'm getting a little into it, but my mark in English is hardly anything to boast about, because I hate analysing novels. So far, my points are (from strongest to weakest): Ralph did not have a weapon in his hand, Ralph was in no position to touch Simon because he was behind the group, Roger and Jack are the likely ones to have killed Simon, it was self defense (very weak) because they thought Simon was the beast, and that Simon didn't die from the blows, but rather because he fell off the precipice/ cliff (and I know that that is ridiculously, hugely weak)

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