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As a second year Humanities student I read a hell of a lot. Yet there is only so much I can read for Uni courses before my eyes feel like raisins rattling in their sockets. So I've been taking advantage of a nasty cold/flu thing and indulging my taste for non-essential books. I'm not great at reviews but wanted to share...

Vicious Circle: A Felix Castor Novel by Mike Carey
Purchase Rating: Second hand/ library
Reading Status:  Complete
This is the second instalment in the Castor series, the first being The Devil You Know. I was so taken with the first book, as I don't normally 'do' detective fiction, I actually went out of my way to get a copy of Vicious Circle at full retail price and it did not disappoint me. I enjoy Felix as a character and the plot stayed pretty tight, which can be considered a minor miracle in Supernaturally themed fiction. I certainly intend on getting the third novel!  (Probably as my first end of semester read!)

Broken: An Elena Michaels Story by Kelly Armstrong
Purchase Rating:  Full price
Reading Status:  Complete
I really loved this book, Elena is such an awesome character!  I'm enjoying watching the characters develop individually as well as in relation to each other.  I will be nibbling the rest of the books set in Mrs Armstrong's Women of the OtherWorld universe as my finances allow :D

~~On Deck~~
Greywalker and Poltergeist  by Kat Richardson
Scar Night   by Alan Campbell
and various academic stuffs



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