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Armstrong, Kelley: The Summoning

The Summoning
Writer: Kelley Armstrong
Genre: YA/Urban Fantasy
Pages: 390

The premise: Chloe thinks she's just a normal girl (who's mother died, who's father is rich, and goes to an art school--yes, I'm being evil when it comes to the definition of "normal," but don't let that alone keep you from reading) until all at once, she gets her period and sees her first ghost. Oh, and he sees her too, sending her into a screaming fit all through the school and convincing her teachers she's stark raving mad. In order to get her education back on track, Chloe has to get therapy, and she's taken to the Lyle House. There she learns she's not the only weird one around, and finding out why people want her to think otherwise becomes a matter of life-and-death, especially after her roommate is taken away.

My Rating

Buy the Paperback: it's an enjoyable, fast read, but if it hadn't been for the cliffhanger ending, I don't think I would've pursued this series, as I wasn't that attached to the world or the characters, which is ironic, since the world is the same one from Armstrong's adult UF series (which I've only read one book of, so give me a break). I'll continue to get the hardcovers since I'm already committed, but I think that unless you're a collector or just love hardcovers to pieces (or just a super big fan of any and everything Armstrong writes), you might be better off with a cheaper copy, possibly the trade.

The full review, which does include spoilers, may be found in my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome! :)

REVIEW: Kelley Armstrong's THE SUMMONING

Happy Reading! :)
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