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Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Men

Book rating: 4/5

We had to read this for school, didn't we? And I just HAD to ship the two main characters right as I started reading... Damn you fandom for corrupting me! Anyway, this is a book about two guys, George and Lennie, who travel together from town to town looking for work. They have to keep switching towns because Lennie, who is mentally challenged, keeps getting them in to trouble. The town they were in before, Weed, had this girl. And Lennie wanted to touch her dress, but he did it to hard, and the girl called it out as rape, and so the two of them ran away together. Later on they arrive at the ranch, where the story takes place. There are intresting characters here: Curley, the boss's son, Curley's wife, who is considered a tramp b/c she has an eye out for the other men at the ranch, Crooks, the black man at the ranch, and Slim, Candy and Carlson, who are the other workers at the ranch. Anyway, the whole story leads up to the big angsty ending, which, especially if you ship George and Lennie, ends up being a tearjerker. HIGHLY recced!
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