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The Name of The Wind

(First review ! I'm French, so please excuse grammar and spelling mistakes :D )

Title: The Name of The Wind
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Genre: Fantasy
Number of pages: 662
Synopsis:The story revolves around Kvothe, an enigmatic red-haired innkeeper who, as he shares his incredible life story with a renowned scribe, turns out to be much more than he appears. Born into a family of nomadic court performers, Kvothe's unconventional education was broadened by spending time with fellow travelers like Abenthy, an elderly arcanist whose knowledge included, among other things, knowing the name of the wind. After his parents are brutally murdered by mythical beings known as the Chandrian, Kvothe vows to learn more about the godlike group, and after suffering through years of homelessness, he finally gets his chance when he is admitted into the prestigious University. But the pursuit of arcane knowledge brings with it unforeseen dangers, as the young student quickly learns…(from Barnes and Noble)

Review: I picked up this book after reading somewhere it was the best fantasy debut of 2007. Being a fantasy fan, I recently bought it, and while it certainly was great, I did not think this was the best book ever (that title goes to Cyrano de Bergerac). The story starts in the Waystone Inn, and it's easy to see there's something strange about Kote, the innkeeper. Turns out he's really Kvothe (pronounced like "Quothe"), a legendary magician and fighter. The first few chapters are written in the third person, while the rest is Kvothe tells his life story to a biographer. The characters are probably the best thing about the book; they're interesting and fun to read about. Kvothe is a likeable narrator and some characters made me laugh out loud. The story is cliche, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it, even though I sometimes thought the book was a little too long. Some parts I felt could have been left out. Overall, it was a very entertaining book, and I recommend it to fantasy fans.
Overall, I would give it 8/10
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