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One of my favorite new and used bookshops is about an hour's drive from my house so I don't go very often. Generally every few months I find some excuse to run up there to drop off some old books and brings some new ones home. I have found some much loved books in that place.

So today I was excited to go up there. I've been so busy in the last few weeks that a relaxing visit to a favorite haunt would do me good. I've noticed that they still had American Psycho on the shelves the last few times I stopped by so I had my heart set on buying it if it was still there.

However, once I arrived I saw the clerks who work there sitting outside the store with tables holding books. The store's windows were boarded up. I was afraid they were going out of business, but it turns out that there was a fire that destroyed most of the inventory. The lady told me that they'd hopefully get everything fixed up and the inventory restocked within another month's time.

Still it's sad to think of all those lost books...

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