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Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

In the second book of the Uglies triology, Tally has finally taken the plunge and become a pretty. She recalls bits and pieces of her former life, but mainly focuses on partying and joining a clique known as the "crims". This highly regarded clique is composed of other pretties who played a lot pranks or at least got in a decent amount of trouble back in their ugly days. Through this clique, Tally meets Zane. Together they fight to remember the past and restore their future. All of the characters are back and they have a plan to turn pretty town inside out and re-align themselves with the "smokies", a reclusive community of people who live in the wild outside of the authoritative restrictions of the "pretty" community. As with anything, no plan is perfect.

I immensely enjoyed Pretties. Much more-so than Uglies. While Uglies was interesting and necessary to set the tone for the entire series, it was very predictable. After Westerfeld set acclimated readers to the ugly/pretty world, he was able to dive deeper and create a story with a deeper plot as well as throw in some unexpected turns. Again, it's not the great American novel, but it's a good story. One in which I was able to get quickly wrapped up in.


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