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Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

This book is a continuation of the novella "Alpha and Omega" found in the anthology On the Prowl. I recommend reading the novella first, for the introduction of the main characters to each other and other important background information. In fact, the book is a little incomplete without that, so I hope that future editions will include the novella. However, although she is mentioned a few times, you do not need to read the Mercy Thompson books (Moon Called, etc) to understand what is going on.

Anna and Charles had an intense but rocky start to their relationship. Sent to investigate difficulties with Anna's Chicago pack, he discovered a nightmare - humans Changed to werewolves against their will, werewolves living in poverty to support the expensive tastes of the pack leaders, and worse - a rare Omega werewolf tortured until she reached the brink of suicide. Now Anna is going home to meet his family, trying to put her past behind her and learn to use her gifts. She can't deny her feelings for Charles, but past hurts make her terrified of intimacy. When her new pack is threatened, can she rise to the occaision in the cold Montana wilderness?

This book was fascinating, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The interplay between the characters is very, very well-done. In particular, I love the way Briggs set up other female characters as foils against Anna, to show more about what her character was like. I also felt that her portrayal of trauma recovery was right-on. In my opinion this is one of Briggs' best books to date. Four stars.

As a note, I am planning on changing a few things about the way I review books as of the end of the year - see all the details here.

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