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The Children of Men

The Children of Men by P.D. James

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From back: Imagine a world with no children and no future.

October 19th 1995 the last child was born on Earth, and on Jan 1st 2021 the last child born, had died.

Those born in the year 1995 where know as the Omegas.

Just imagine never hearing the sounds of a newborn cry, the laughter of children. What where once playgrounds full happy smiling faces, thorn down and paved over like they never existed in the first place.

Literature, great works of art, music all boarded up because there is nobody around to enjoy it, because there is nobody to care, with the exception of a select few. A world with no future, is a world with out hope. People see no reason to keep going. Cites get closed down, suicides is at a high, in fact they are organized.

At times I almost gave up on this book, I'm glad now that I stuck with it.

I recommended this book who likes intelligent literature.

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