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Free Books!

When I was posting my little how-to about using a DS as an e-reader, a fair-to-middling number of people were asking about how to get books online.

Project Gutenberg
The big cheese in these here parts. Many languages and time periods represented. The largest (AFAIK) collection of out of copyright plain text files on the net. Also has some audio readings, either text-to-speech or human (sadly, overwhelmingly text-to-speech).

Named after Melville's scrivener, a good second-run to Gutenberg for much the same purpose.

Renascence Editions
English texts only. Dear to my heart, because my thesis project is based off of their text of The Beggar's Opera. Run by Risa Bear, a very nice lady. Specifically texts between 1477 and 1799.

Jack Lynch's literature page
Jack Lynch is an awesome lit professor who knows lots about hypertexty things. So here's what he knows.

Cory Doctorow's Homepage
An excellent science fiction writer of the new, internet aware generation, Cory Doctorow is also a big proponent of Creative Commons licensing. Stories and whole novels abound, in a variety of formats. Also, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom features a Disney Parade based on Snow Crash. Check it out.

Baen Free Library
In an older-school sci-fi vein, the Baen Free Library is a collection of novels available for free online. Some are pretty good; many are the first in long-running series. I found Rick Cook through here.

Free Speculative Fiction Online
What it says, folks. Seriously, Google turned up more things... these are the ones I know personally. There's lots of stuff out there, without even resorting to piracy. I'm trying to remember one that had a HUGE collection of H.G. Welles and pulp era sci-fi, but I'm blanking.

My Website
Shameless self promotion! More seriously, I have an e-text of The Absolute at Large, by Karel Capek, and a multimedia edition of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera. They're fantastic; The Absolute at Large is one of my favorite books, and very hard to find, and The Beggar's Opera is the direct ancestor of the modern English musical. Can't guarantee that it'll be up 24-7, but it's pretty consistent.


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