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Hello Readers!

Hello all!  I've just joined this community and I started to post responses right away so now I'll introduce myself. I'm a 23 year old Female who loves to read Fiction and Non fiction. I'm over protective of my books to the point of removing dust jackets to read them and never ever creasing the spine. People are scared to borrow from me :(
Right now I'm in a phase of reading Travel Books like Bill Bryson and Josie Dew , Historical Novels by Elizabeth Chadwick and James Clavell, and the Merrily Watkins Mysteries by Phil Rickman.
I also love Biographical Histrorical tie in's(eg Jung Chan's Wild Swans) , Manga, Graphic Novels, and the sort of Whistful feminine Asian novels that became huge after Memoirs of a Geisha! (Read Iwasaki Mineko's Autobiography for the "real deal")

The Merrily Watkin's books are about a female CofE Vicar who is appointed "Deliverance Consultant" which is newspeak for Exorsist. As a modern woman and in a time when women were just admitted into the clergy, she has a lot of people to prove herself to including herself.
 She and her Pagan Daugher  Jane solve mysteries with a (never proven) paranormal edge. They are set in Rural Herefordshire usuing real locations. I also like Rickman's Novel "The Chalice" set in Glastonbury which more overtly supernatural,
If you've read any of these I'd love to hear what you thought!
Anyhoo, I could go on for ages, so I'll just say I hope to have loads of new ideas from the bookish community. :) Take care M xx

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